Aircare humidifier manual-Humidifiers need to pay attention to what problems in the process of use

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Aircare humidifier manual-Humidifiers need to pay attention to what problems in the process of use.

As people pay more attention to the air situation, the use of humidifiers is becoming popular. However, many people do not like to read the instructions before use and prefer to operate in accordance with past experience, thus causing damage to the equipment. A reputable humidifier manufacturer explains the issues that need attention during the use of the product.
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1, pay attention to the issue of filling water

Pay attention to the humidifier in the problem of water filling has a role that should not be taken lightly. This refers not only to the concern about the water itself, but also contains the attention to the entire water refilling link. Considering that water is a conductive material, the case of electricity to change the water has a security risk, and therefore in the humidifier to add water, should try to turn off the power. At the same time, the water added to the equipment should be clean cold water is appropriate, warm water, ice water, etc. is likely to have an impact on the service life of the equipment. On this basis, the process of adding water should pay attention to the direction, so as to avoid the inflow of water burned host.

2, pay attention to the use of environmental issues

To ensure that the humidifier function effectively, attention should be paid to its use of the environment. In the first use, the equipment should be placed in a warm environment for about half an hour. Also need to pay attention to ensure that the use of equipment temperature is not lower than the fixed temperature. In the humidifier operation should also pay attention to away from other home appliances, and avoid placing in the cavity of the object to reduce the noise generated.

3, pay attention to the cleaning problem

Humidifier after a period of use, both internal and external will produce some dirt, and therefore should adhere to the weekly cleaning. Cleaning should use a soft brush to gently brush the outside, and use a soft cloth to wipe the water tank and sensor part. For the internal cleaning, you can use special cleaning agent or white vinegar, and shake a few times after the tank is filled with water to pour out.


The humidifier in the use of the above-mentioned content to talk about the issues that need to be noted in the process is actually only a small part of the matter. In order to ensure that the equipment can reach the intended use of years, good quality humidifier manufacturers still hope that users can carefully read the product manual, and strictly in accordance with the manual in the use of specifications to operate.


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