Does a humidifier clean the air?How to clean air humidifier?

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Does a humidifier clean the air?How to clean air humidifier?

With the improvement of people's living standards, the material requirements are getting higher and higher, now every family will air conditioning, then the air conditioning open for a long time how to do it, we need to spare a humidifier room, humidifier after a long time use is not to clean is very easy to affect the humidifier humidification effect, so usually in the use of humidifiers we need to regularly for the humidifier cleaning.

So how to clean the humidifier, this side to introduce the following steps, you can refer to see the.


1, in the cleaning of the humidifier, first of all, you need to pull out the power of the humidifier to prevent accidental dripping into the water droplets after the phenomenon of electric shock.

2, the humidifier will be disassembled, then the humidifier is divided into two parts, a part of the water tank, another part of the base.

3, in cleaning the base of the humidifier, you need to pour out the water in the humidifier, and then add a certain amount of water and detergent to the humidifier, while shaking it evenly, so that the detergent is fully dissolved. After a period of time the water will be poured out.

4, in the cleaning of the humidifier base, the main do not pour water into the humidifier air outlet, then you can first add a little water in the base sink, not over its bottom, add the right amount of detergent to fully dissolve.

5, when the humidifier atomization piece of scale, the user can use white vinegar and so will fully dissolve the scale, after the humidifier atomization piece clean.
6, and finally use water to clean the humidifier a few times, and then complete the entire humidifier cleaning process.

How to properly maintain the humidifier.


1. direct evaporative humidifier direct evaporative humidifier cleaning method is relatively easy, in addition to the daily use, keep the internal body dry, in addition to regular replacement of the filter and evaporator can be. Maintenance is relatively simple.


2. Ultrasonic humidifier ultrasonic humidifier is a cold mist humidifier, humidification method is different from the direct evaporative humidifier, no heating water, the use of vibrators to generate high frequency vibration, the water molecules will be shocked into the air humidification air, so the internal will contain a water tank. Daily cleaning, the cleaning of the water tank is particularly important, use a soft cleaning solution to clean the tank, keep the tank dry when not in use, to prevent damage to internal parts moisture.

3. When cleaning the water tank, if the tank cleaning, if the water inlet entrance design is relatively large, you can reach directly into the hand to clean, with soft cleaning solution or manufacturer-specific cleaning solution, the use of cotton cleaning, after cleaning, blocking the water inlet, shaking the humidifier, the cleaning out of the sewage rinsed clean, repeated several times, until the tank clean.


4. In addition to the humidifier tank, the humidifier body also needs to be clean, if the body shell is dirty, you can not use alcohol and other corrosive liquid wipe, you should use the cleaning solution and cotton cloth slowly clean, not to put the humidifier into the tap water rinse.



5. In cleaning the water tank or humidifier shell, you must use cotton cloth with cleaning liquid cleaning, do not want to speed, use steel balls, brushes and other hard objects cut, so will lead to damage to the machine, long-term so will lead to humidifier can not work properly, affecting the use of the effect.

The above knowledge about the humidifier is introduced here, this friendly tip: after using the humidifier every day, there will always be leftover water can not be used, then they should be promptly dumped, overnight water is prone to deterioration, bacteria, humidification after evaporation into the air.


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