Best evaporative humidifier-Schuler’s Blue Ridge Mist humidifier trial

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Best evaporative humidifier-Schuler's Blue Ridge Mist humidifier trial.

Humidifier for people living in the northern autumn and winter is essential, dry winter plus unified heating, if the home does not have a humidifier to sleep at night will obviously feel uncomfortable nasal and upper respiratory tract. Of course, in the southeastern coastal areas or southern areas may not particularly need humidification. As a living in Dalian but the winter heating area, for me humidifier is really just needed, indoor humidity usually drops below 40%, it is really hard to sleep at night.


Schuler's is a well-known brand, has been focused on the field of home appliances, along with the rapid development of new media and e-commerce into China, the first contact with this brand, I hope to bring a different experience.

The front of the package is a simple product diagram, the brand and specific model, in addition to the core product features, at a glance.


The side of the package is the product's power parameters, humidification capacity and other information, the other side is a more detailed introduction to the core functions of the product. Although the package is simple, but I have to say that the overall volume is still very large, because the humidifier used before are small and compact type.

After opening the package you can see the top of the manual and remote control, and then there is a thick protective layer of shockproof foam.

Humidifier because the size is too large, so it is divided into two separate packaging, and both sections are wrapped with plastic wrap to prevent scratches.

Humidifier two sections, the outer layer of plastic plus the inner layer of cling film, such protection in the transport process to have a scratch is really quite difficult.

This on the color belongs to the deep dark green, associated with the design concept of this product, the Blue Ridge Highway, silk soft mist, other colors really do not have this feeling. The two-part package transport, get installed very simple, directly put on the water can be used.

The design of the top cover is also a simple wind, the fog port and water injection port, there should be tips on the label, easy to use.

Internal ultrasonic fog structure is clear at a glance.

This Schuler's humidifier in the bottom air inlet through the HEPA filter over, can intercept the dust in the air, fine debris, etc., to ensure the output of clean and dust-free fog. The bottom cover can be easily removed by rotating the filter.

The filter can be replaced individually, for the air that enters is an additional layer of protection. The current humidifier is divided into two types, one is an ultrasonic humidifier, one is an evaporative humidifier, as long as the price is acceptable certainly priority recommended evaporative type, because it does not spray out bacteria together with the water molecules. If it is an ultrasonic humidifier, it will spray out dust and bacteria together, emitted into the air, so in the germ removal function on the ultrasonic humidifier is the most important indicator.

This figure is the family has been using the humidifier tank diagram, before not too much attention to cleaning, only to try this humidifier only to find that the bottom has begun to mold, and there is a lot of dust in the bottom of the humidifier, so be sure to pay attention to the humidifier bacteria removal function, these things sprayed into the air consequences can be imagined.

Schuler's this humidifier with UCV sterilization function, this ultraviolet light sterilization is widely used, and the effect is also good, you can clearly see on the screen to open or close the relevant function.

At the same time it humidifier screen can also show the current indoor humidity situation, you can set the humidity, always keep the indoor temperature in the set value, of course, the timer humidification is also essential.

By using the remote control system can easily carry out a variety of operations, if you can match the intelligent system with cell phone operation would be better.

Before using the remote control, you have to take out the plastic gasket so that the battery can be powered properly before the remote control can be used.

The dry sound of the heater is not obvious, after opening the sleep function will be completely acceptable amount of noise, the overall amount of fog is also relatively large, in the test after 1 hour of time humidity rose from 43 to 54, about 2 meters away from the location, may be the reason for my room is small, the official label 400ml / h large fog volume, this speed is really very fast.

And the previous humidifier bought at a cost of 398$ put together to compare it, this 5.5L water tank humidifier volume how large.
Dry summary

1, as long as the price is acceptable, humidifier priority to buy evaporative type, can effectively reduce bacteria and impurities; if you buy ultrasonic humidification must buy a humidifier with UV sterilization function, health is more important than anything else.

2, my personal habits of use is the humidity should be above 55%, or sleep very uncomfortable, I am here in the winter humidity below 40%, so the humidifier is a must for me.

3, the size of humidification according to the size of their rooms can be purchased reasonably, but priority should be given to buy a large humidification, because the impact of air circulation, the efficiency of humidification may be affected.

4, this Blue Ridge fog humidifier from Schuler's, with UVC, timing, quantitative, with remote control, with air intake filter, can be said to be a qualified ultrasonic humidifier necessary to have all the features, the operation process and real-time humidity adjustment function without any problems.



1, no matching intelligent system, if you can cell phone control would be better.

2, the bottom of the work slightly rough, although invisible.

3, the box is so big, can send two more filters would be good.


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