How to clean air care humidifier filter?

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How to clean air care humidifier filter

Humidifier in recent years has become one of the necessary small home appliances, with the continuous development of humidifiers from the original single humidification function, the development of the current set of humidification, monitoring indoor humidity, air purification and other multi-function in one. And the appearance of the original simple "water tank" development to now have floor, night light mode, cartoon shape, etc., transformed from a simple humidification tool into a set of humidification, aromatherapy, decoration in one small home appliances.

But in the humidifier after use, do not put it regardless, need to be cleaned up in a timely manner, and every day when not in use need to dump the water, do not use overnight water, so as not to produce odor or other bacteria in the water, so the humidifier cleaning is particularly important, cleaning is not good not only to achieve the effect of cleaning, but also damage to the humidifier itself equipment, today on the humidifier cleaning methods, humidifier daily maintenance care chapter.

1, pure type humidifier cleaning to be relatively simple, only need to regularly replace the filter and evaporator can be, the operation in one step.

2, ultrasonic humidifier, this humidifier to pay attention to the cleaning of the water tank, the need for frequent water changes, because if the scale is not cleaned in time, it will clog the humidifier or even burned, causing losses.

3, the water tank cleaning, if the water inlet design for the fight, you can reach into the hand to clean, with a soft rag with detergent or the manufacturer's special distribution of cleaning agents to clean, roughly after cleaning, block the water inlet with your hand, gently shake a few times, everywhere can be.

4, if the body is dirty, the same with a soft rag to clean, do not put the whole machine into the water or rinse with water, do not use kerosene or alcohol and other solutions to wipe, so as not to damage the machine parts.

5, whether it is clean inside the tank or wipe the humidifier outside, we must always pay attention, do not use steel balls or other hard objects to scrape and wash, which will cause damage to the body, resulting in the machine can not operate normally.

See the above introduction, quickly to the home humidifier bath it!


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