Aircare ma1201 whole-house console-style evaporative humidifier

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Aircare ma1201 whole-house console-style evaporative humidifier.

If we say that the hot summer is easy to make us feel restless, then the quiet arrival of the autumn and winter season will undoubtedly bring us physical dryness. The temperature is getting lower and lower at the same time, the air is becoming drier and drier, every day on the computer will feel dry eyes and nasal congestion, the effect of drinking a lot of water is not good, but will lead to an increase in the number of bathroom run and reduce the number of studies, work efficiency, the loss is not worth it.

So, it is necessary to get a humidifier, as a new generation of young people, of course, to break the casserole a check in the end, how should I pick a humidifier? What type of humidifier is bought will not regret it? This is a big question.

Before choosing a humidifier, we must first figure out two more important questions, that is - why do we need a humidifier? What are the main effects of the relative humidity in the air on people? First of all, relative humidity refers to the percentage of water vapor pressure in the air and the saturation water vapor pressure at the same temperature, which is simply the water vapor content in the air. When the water vapor content in the air does not reach the standard required by our body, it may cause some physiological diseases. In the fall and winter, the climate is exceptionally dry, and according to statistics, only 2.5 out of 120 heating days in the northern region barely reach healthy humidity. Another study shows that indoor air pollution is 5-10 times higher than outdoor air in a dry environment, so we all lack moist, clean air in the fall and winter.


The point is, scientists found through the study of epidemic diseases, in the dry autumn and winter, the incidence of influenza, whooping cough, meningitis, asthma, bronchitis, etc. significantly increased, resulting in the above diseases for many reasons, in addition to the low temperature, temperature changes caused by the human body resistance to decline, there are two main reasons, both related to air humidity: First, the relative humidity of the environment is too low, making the influenza virus and pathogenic Gram-positive bacteria multiply faster and spread with the dust, causing disease epidemics; second, the environment is too low relative humidity resulting in reduced resistance of the human respiratory system, inducing and aggravating respiratory diseases. Therefore, the common humidifier can become the necessary remedy for us to spend the autumn and winter seasons, when the indoor air humidity to health standards will greatly reduce the risk of the spread of germs, we can also breathe moist, clean air, body and mind are comfortable.

Since we can not change the change of seasons, it is better to have a direct confrontation with dryness, choose a suitable humidifier to solve the problem. Now the humidifier on the market is roughly divided into three types: ultrasonic humidifier, heated humidifier, cold evaporative humidifier. Ultrasonic humidifier through electrical energy to drive the piezoelectric ceramic to send out ultrasonic waves, and then through a certain oscillation circuit and the piezoelectric ceramic inherent oscillation frequency resonance, so that the water in contact with the piezoelectric ceramic to produce up and down vibration, the water to break up, the formation of 1-3MM small water droplets. Then, it is through a small fan at the bottom, the small water beads blowing out. Its biggest advantage is the cheap price, low power consumption; the disadvantage is that the water quality requirements are particularly high, if the addition of not pure water, the formation of water mist will also be sprayed with the water bacteria impurities, here you can refer to the "South Korea humidifier murder" incident, is an ultrasonic humidifier to join the evil effects of germicides. So we use ultrasonic humidifier, we must pay attention to the timely and correct cleaning, it is best to use pure water.


Heated humidifier in the autumn and winter season is also the object of some humidifiers will consider, because the water vapor it produces visible to the naked eye, but also feel warm, but after knowing its working principle, you certainly will not have ideas. The working principle of heated humidifier you can imagine into the "heat fast" inserted into the water, boiled to form water vapor, energy consumption is very large, can not dry burning or will cause a short circuit in the wire or even a fire. This type of humidifier safety factor is low, the humidifier is easy to scale, and because of these drawbacks, so do not recommend that you choose this.

In fact, the way to speed up the evaporation of water is no more than these three: increase the temperature; increase the speed of air circulation; expand the evaporation surface area. The cold evaporative humidifier is to increase the surface area, accelerate the air flow rate to achieve humidification, not only humidification speed, this natural evaporation way is also safer and healthier. It can be said that the cold evaporative humidifier high-end but not pretentious, no requirements for water quality, ordinary tap water can be. Therefore, many advantages, cold evaporative humidifier is the most recommended of all humidifier types to start.


For me personally, the requirements in the selection of humidifier is a lot, no less than the requirements of finding an object. First of all, the humidification must be large, it is best to have the function of quick wet, dry feelings do not want to experience a moment; secondly, the bedroom sleep use, the noise should be low can not affect sleep; with intelligent constant humidity function, add too wet will also affect health; sterilization function, humidification not only to no fog more pollution; finally, the tank capacity must match the humidification volume, midway without getting up to fill the water, saving effort. So demanding requirements, the market has a corresponding demand for humidifiers? It is really found by the editor.


Seconds new AirWater series of fog-free cold evaporative humidifier is the ideal type of humidifier in the autumn and winter season, humidification technology is very mature, there is no obvious shortcomings in the function, if I have to say, it is an experience addictive, so that people can not leave. Seconds new currently on sale are mainly three cold evaporative humidifier, respectively, AirWater A3, 2021 new AirWater A5 and just listed in September AirWater A3S, humidification capacity of the smallest 1200ml / h, the largest 1500ml / h, can achieve the effect of rapid wet, a 20 square meters of bedroom, in ten minutes can be humidity from 30% to about 50% in ten minutes. What's more, the water tank capacity of AIRMX AirWater series cold evaporative humidifier is perfectly matched with the humidifying capacity, the smallest 5L and the largest 7L, which can fully support 12 hours or even longer use, and the lowest noise is only 18 decibels in sleep mode, which is lighter than the sound of leaves falling on the ground.


Seconds new AirWater series cold evaporative humidifier not only supports intelligent constant humidity, but also allows intelligent human-computer interaction with the user. Second new industry's first split detector, can monitor the humidity in the house in real time, through Bluetooth and the body for linkage, no matter which corner of the house can display real-time humidity, so that we know the latest data according to facilitate adjustment. The second new also comes with an exclusive cell phone APP, which is also paired with the body via Bluetooth, so that you can remotely control our AirWater series cold evaporative humidifier, and turn on the humidifier on the way home from work, so that you can bathe in the oasis when you get home, which feels very subtle.

As the air problem is getting more and more serious, AIRMX second new AirWater series cold evaporative humidifier is the right remedy, cold evaporative humidification not only to ensure that the humidification process will not produce fog does not wet the floor, the humidification process will not produce any pollutants and PM2.5. In order to maximize the user's health humidification and effective humidification, AirWater series cold evaporative humidifier are Equipped with 99.9% sterilization rate of UV germicidal lamp, from the root of the solution to inhibit the production of bacteria.


As a humidifier, it must be said that the second new AirWater series cold evaporative humidifier to play the maximum use of value, so that users and consumers can feel what is the value for money. In fact, the advantages of the AirWater series cold evaporative humidifier is much more than that, for example, there are: the use of wireless power lifter black technology, the water pump in the tank can be removed for cleaning; the design of the body is very delicate, and built-in light sensor, seems particularly humane, etc.. Nowadays, humidifier is no longer an optional small household appliance, but our health protection against the dry season, so in the selection must be a good gatekeeper, and AIRMX second new AirWater series cold evaporative humidifier is the best choice, no matter which one you choose, you will not go wrong.

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