Benefits of a humidifier,Six classifications of humidifiers

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Benefits of a humidifier,Six classifications of humidifiers.

Humidifier is a household appliance that can increase the humidity of a room. Humidifier can humidify a designated room, or connect with boiler or central air conditioning system to humidify the whole building. According to the theory of heat and moisture exchange, the humidifier is divided into the following two types in practical engineering:

1, equal enthalpy humidifier: that is, the use of water to absorb the sensible heat of the air for evaporation humidification, its enthalpy, humidity chart changes in the approximate enthalpy process.

2, isothermal humidifier: that is, the use of thermal energy to liquid water into steam and air mixing for humidification, its enthalpy, wet diagram changes for the approximate isothermal process.

Humidifier from the use of the scope can be divided into industrial humidifier, commercial humidifier and home humidifier three large categories.


Ultrasonic humidifiers

have been widely used in various fields. Ultrasonic humidifier adopts ultrasonic high-frequency oscillation of 2 million times per second to atomize water into ultra-micro particles and negative oxygen ions of 1 micron to 5 microns, thus achieving uniform humidification, refreshing the air, improving health, removing the dryness of winter heating and creating a comfortable living environment.


Pure type humidifier

Direct evaporation type humidifier is often called pure type humidifier. Pure humidification technology is a new technology just adopted in the field of humidification, through the molecular sieve evaporation technology to remove calcium and magnesium ions in water, completely solve the problem of "white powder". Through the water curtain washing air, in the humidification of the air at the same time can also be filtered and purified germs, dust, particles, and then by wind-driven device to send the wet and clean air to the room, so as to improve the humidity and cleanliness of the environment. So it is very suitable for families with the elderly and children to use, but also to prevent winter flu germs.

Ultrasonic humidifier and pure type humidifier is recommended to children to buy the first choice of products, high safety factor, purification of air, bacteria removal and humidification ability, enhance health, give children a comfortable environment.


Electric heating type humidifier

Thermal evaporative humidifier, also called electric heating humidifier, works by heating water in the heater to 100℃, generating steam, and sending the steam out with a motor. Electric heating type humidifier is the simplest humidification method with the simplest technology.

Immersion type electrode humidifier

Immersed electrode humidifier (immersed electrode humidifier) uses a large area of electrodes immersed in water as a terminal, and uses water as a heating medium to generate heat when electricity is transferred through the water, causing the water to boil and produce steam. It is characterized by low cost and ease of installation and use. However, the accuracy is low, and the humidification bucket needs to be replaced regularly for maintenance.
Cold mist humidifier

This type of humidifier uses a fan to force the air to contact and exchange with water when passing through the water-absorbing medium to increase the relative humidity of the air. This kind of humidifier is characterized by automatic adjustment with the relative humidity of the air, that is, when the relative humidity of the air is low, the humidification volume is high, when the relative humidity of the air is high, the humidification volume is low; the disadvantage is that the humidification volume is low (about 1/5 of the ultrasonic humidifier), the noise is large relative to the ultrasonic humidifier, but this humidifier consumes less energy and has low noise.


Commercial humidifier

Commercial humidifier is a kind of humidifying equipment with medium spray volume between civil and industrial use.

Commercial humidifier should have the following characteristics:

1, commercial humidifier spray volume of medium. Can not be too small, commercial space in hundreds of square meters, too small humidification volume is meaningless.

2, commercial humidifiers need to work reliably. Commercial environment requires a low failure rate of work.

3, commercial humidifier to facilitate maintenance. Any commercial environment is a long-term work, can not maintain the equipment is not suitable for use.

4, commercial humidifier should be as energy efficient as possible. Long-term use of the commercial environment has a strong demand for energy saving.

5, the volume of commercial humidifiers. Commercial environment is generally compact, the volume of humidification equipment has a tendency to miniaturization.

6, the commercial humidifier water supply. Commercial environment is intricate and complex, the humidifier's water supply diversification requirements, the water supply should be flexible and convenient.

Commercial humidifier, suitable for mahjong rooms, chess rooms, KTV, beauty salons, hotels, families, entertainment venues, offices, banks, hospitals, schools, government agencies and other large indoor places.


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