If you have a certain budget in hand, you can consider choosing a pure type humidifier or an electric guitar humidifier

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If you have a certain budget in hand, you can consider choosing a pure type humidifier or an electric guitar humidifier.

I am in the south, for me, a year, the time to use to humidifier concentrated in the summer to open the air conditioner and the time of autumn and winter, after all, the relative humidity of the air during that time are relatively low, people are unusually dry. Northern friends needless to say, I remember I went to Beijing in early October, to Beijing the next day I was dry wake up, throat is too uncomfortable, humidifier this thing is simply just need.

And if a person is in an environment where the relative humidity of indoor air is below 40% for a long time, the dust and bacteria in the air environment will easily adhere to the mucous membranes, thus triggering coughs and, more seriously, bronchitis, asthma and other respiratory diseases. Allergic dermatitis, itchy skin and other types of inflammatory diseases are also common in this environment.

How many kinds of humidifiers are there?
Most of the common humidifiers on the market today are divided into the following categories: ultrasonic humidifiers, pure humidifiers, electric transpiration humidifiers.

1、Ultrasonic humidifier.

Ultrasonic humidifier price is generally less than 200 yuan, the working principle is the use of ultrasonic vibration to diffuse water atomization into the air to improve the relative humidity of the air, the advantage is that the humidification efficiency is not low and cheap, but the disadvantage is reflected in the water must be added to the pure water. If you use tap water, will produce white powder around the humidifier, easy to cause secondary pollution, is not conducive to our respiratory system; and ultrasonic humidifier in use is prone to uneven relative humidity of indoor air, not suitable for humidification of a large area in the home environment, if it is placed in the office work desk, it is a better choice.


2, pure humidifier.

Pure humidification technology is a new technology just adopted in the field of humidification, through the molecular sieve evaporation technology to remove calcium and magnesium ions in water, completely solve the problem of "white powder". Through the water curtain washing air, in the humidification of the air at the same time can also be filtered and purified germs, dust, particles, and then by wind-driven device to send the wet and clean air to the room, so as to improve the humidity and cleanliness of the environment. So it is very suitable for families with elderly and children to use, and also can prevent winter flu germs. Pure humidifier is the type of humidifier recommended for children to buy, high safety factor, purify the air and give children a comfortable environment. However, its biggest problem is low humidification efficiency, slightly noisy, expensive, and has been high, for price-sensitive people, is not friendly.


3, electric transpiration humidifier.

Electric evaporative humidifier is actually electric heating so that water boiling steam, electrical energy into the principle of heat, through the humidifier equipped with a microcomputer to control the generation and supply of steam, the water boiling to 100 degrees Celsius into water vapor, through the steam diffusion device to send water vapor into the air handler or air duct airflow, and finally diffused into the air. The biggest advantage of electric evaporative humidifier is the same as the pure type humidifier, high temperature sterilization, no dust, high absorption efficiency, fast humidification, high cleanliness, can meet the humidification needs in the home environment. But the disadvantage is also obvious, energy consumption is obvious, compared to the above two humidifiers, need to consume more electricity.

What specific parameters do I need to pay attention to?
Then when it comes to the real choice of humidifier, we need to pay attention to what specific parameters?

1, humidification volume. Humidification refers to the humidifier in a certain period of time to achieve how much water evaporation, but also represents the humidifier humidification capacity, should also be a humidifier's core ability to reflect. Generally speaking, in the case of room temperature 25 ℃, the area of about 15 square meters of the room, if you need to think about 60% of the relative humidity, you need 650ml / h of humidification.

2, working noise. If a humidifier works as noisy as your home vacuum cleaner, you will buy? Even if it is superbly capable, I believe you will hesitate, so under normal circumstances, we should buy a humidifier that works with little noise. In addition, if you want to humidification effect is better, should keep the relevant premises enough degree of confinement, increase the degree of vaporization of water, if possible, open the new air will be better.

I have experienced a lot of humidifier products, I found that as far as I am concerned, in fact, the electric steam humidifier will be more suitable for my actual needs, the next share with you this I think the very good Shule's steam humidifier.

Appearance design and functional components show

First of all, the accessories are more complete, but also with a remote control, you can remote control. Then from the volume, Schuler's electric steam humidifier will not say very small, or a certain volume (269 * 269 * 410mm), you need to have some space at home to put, because the water tank area is still very large.



Schuler's evaporative humidifier core components are undoubtedly heating chassis, because the heating chassis is energized and heated, the water will be heated to produce vapor, and then the steam from the middle of the tank pipe upward diffusion to the room, and then achieve the humidification effect.

Health humidification
For many humidifiers, in fact, sterilization has been a difficult pain point of its technical breakthrough, how to pass the technical difficulties and find the user's pain point? Schuler's with three major aspects to achieve comprehensive health humidification, respectively, pure water purification humidification, thermal flow channel continuous anti-bacteria, plasma purification of air. Through 100 ℃ high-temperature transpiration to achieve the effect of bacteria and virus removal, effective extermination of bacteria hidden in the air of indoor corners.

What is the level of filtration?
Schuler's humidifier uses electric transpiration technology, direct addition of tap water will not produce white powder, but the calcium and magnesium ions in tap water will accumulate on the heating plate and need to be cleaned off regularly. It is worth mentioning that Schuler's added a cartridge in the water tank, the main role is to intercept the water sediment impurities, inhibit limescale generation. According to the official claim, the cartridge also contains antibacterial silver ion ball, can inhibit the growth of bacteria in the water. Of course, the cartridge must be changed after a long time, otherwise how to ensure the safety of water quality? I also specifically looked at the price of accessories within an acceptable range, will consider purchasing.

Water tank situation


This humidifier water tank capacity of 4L, support directly on the machine to add water or remove the tank to add water. Now more and more humidifiers use this direct water filling design, or very worthy of praise. Because then, we do not need to frequently remove the water tank, and do not need additional operations, directly pour water on it. And also designed a carry handle, for the elderly and children, there is a carry handle really convenient more than a little.

Humidification effect
This humidifier also has a very good function, is the built-in three-color changing humidity light, real-time humidity at a glance, such as a dry environment will display amber light, comfortable environment will display cobalt blue light, the environment will be wet to show the blue light.



From the nominal humidification, Shule's humidity gear has 8 files, plus the appropriate amount of labeled range is 200-600ml / h, I used my bedroom to test, after a period of time, see the humidifier screen shows the relative humidity of the air from 37% to for 70%, indicating that at this time the relative humidity of indoor air environment is more comfortable. Vaporizing humidifier can cover a larger range, but also to make the air humidity conditions in all corners of the room more balanced and more balanced. Generally at night, I directly open the sleep mode on it, let it operate overnight will not burn dry water, and the security situation is also guaranteed, because it has six major protections: temperature control protection, pump flow protection, dry burn protection, screw cap protection, upside down protection, water shortage protection.

Working noise and energy consumption
Electric evaporative humidifier work noise mainly from the heating plate heating process when the water boiling sound, the actual test found that the maximum working noise of 40dB, the usual life, this decibel number I think is okay, to be very close to feel more noisy, and so out of the fog, the noise is almost gone, sleep mode, the work volume will be lower, you can do 35 decibels of low noise operation


Shuler's evaporative humidifier rated power is 600W, at the maximum humidification, its power consumption of 660W, slightly greater than the rated power, it is best not to open to the maximum gear, with a medium gear work will be more appropriate. Minimum humidification, power consumption of 170W, which also shows that the electric heating component in the electric evaporative humidifier is indeed a bit power hungry.

Write in the end
After reading the above analysis, you will understand that if you are price-sensitive and only a small range of use, such as work desktop and other scenes, you can buy ultrasonic humidifier, you need to pay attention to only add pure water, so as not to affect health. If you have a certain budget in hand, you can consider choosing a pure humidifier or electric guitar humidifier. Pure type humidifier is currently the biggest problem is the price discount issue, has been high, and the cartridge long-term immersion in water, the need for regular cleaning, running noise will also be slightly larger. While the electric humidifier is the problem of electricity consumption. If it is a friend with high requirements for quality of life, my personal first push is this Shule's SoleusAir evaporative humidifier, the overall experience is really suitable for use at home, there is no big slot.


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