Any recommendations for humidifiers?

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Any recommendations for humidifiers 2022?There are many humidifiers that can be recommended, but it is not clear what you are using, and which aspect you are more focused on?

Such as: pay more attention to the humidification effect of the humidifier, and the budget is not very high, choose the ultrasonic humidifier. If you pay more attention to health, humidification is not too concerned about the amount of humidification, so the cold evaporative humidifier will be recommended.

If it is health, humidification effect are more in a word, then more recommended electric heating type humidifier. So it seems that the humidifier is very simple, but there are still certain aspects to consider when choosing it.


Any recommendations for humidifiers

Humidification effect test:
A humidifier humidification efficiency, can reflect the humidifier in the room, how long can the room humidity up, Xiaoyu side to do a closed room test, selected is a small room of about 10 square, the room test before the humidity value of about 45, look at the humidifier after an hour of humidification, the humidity is how much!

Why do the test in the humidifier distance so far away?

Only in the humidity spread through a distance to get a more formal humidification efficiency, after all, we can not sleep next to the humidifier is not it?

We use the humidifier in the bedroom when it is best not to put the humidifier on the side of the bed, on the side of the bed, then it may cause a long time humidification, will be in the wet sheets, or bedding.

Personally, I think the position of about two meters is a very good test distance, the reason is that this distance to open the humidifier, no constant humidity function of the humidifier in the continuous humidification is not too wet, in one is the difference between this distance, the noise felt by the humidifier is also very small, minimal, will not affect the rest.


No matter what humidifier, with sterilization function or not, with what filtration also, it is necessary to regularly clean the water tank, wet water tank is the most likely to breed bacteria, it is best to be able to three days to five days to clean once.

Some humidifiers are on the water, the mouth is large, easy to clean and easy to add water, while some humidifiers are under the water filler, the mouth is small, the water is more trouble, let alone clean.

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