There are three types of humidifiers commonly used in life

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There are three types of humidifiers commonly used in life.

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The first type is the ultrasonic humidifier. It is the very small humidifier that we often come into contact with. The principle is to use the inverse piezoelectric effect to the atomization sheet into the high-frequency voltage, so that the atomization sheet to produce high-frequency vibration. This high-frequency vibration more than 1.7MHZ, beyond the range of human hearing, the generation of ultrasonic waves, so this humidifier is called ultrasonic humidifier.


The disadvantage is that you can not directly add tap water, it is best to add cool white water or pure water. Because the ultrasonic humidifier can not only send water droplets into the air, but also the tiny pollution particles into the air, will cause air pollution.



The second is the electric heating humidifier, the principle of common sense is to boil water, using the principle of electric heating water to boiling, producing water vapor. The advantage is the low water quality requirements, but the disadvantage is also very obvious, is that energy consumption to be higher, easy to scale.

The third is the direct evaporation type humidifier. This humidifier will have a towel like a highly absorbent material, first let this "towel" to absorb moisture, and then through the fan forced circulation of air, from this "towel" to take away the moisture emitted into the air. The advantage of this type of humidifier is that it can filter out the pollutants in the air through high-tech composite materials, humidifying the air while also purifying the air, the disadvantage is that the filter should be replaced regularly.



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