If you choose a humidifier, you can try an ultrasonic humidifier!

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If you choose a humidifier, you can try an ultrasonic humidifier!

The weather is particularly dry in this current season, so that people often feel dry mouth, nasal tingling, itchy skin, sleep at night, I am thirsty to get up at least twice to drink water. This time, I have to use the air humidifier, because it can moisten the air and make the body feel more comfortable. So how does it achieve such a role?I summarized the air humidifier on the market, there are generally three types.

1, electric heating humidifier
2, direct evaporation type humidifier
3, ultrasonic humidifier

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Common is the electric heating humidifier, equivalent to boiling water, and then the water vapor emitted, to moisten the air, the principle is very simple, but the disadvantage is more power consumption, and easy to scale, affecting the use of the effect.


Direct evaporative humidifier without heating, it is only the use of a highly absorbent material to adsorb moisture, and then use the blowing system to emit moisture, can also achieve the effect of moist air, but the disadvantage is the high consumables, such as the core part of the filter or something, have to be replaced regularly. Ultrasonic humidifier is the more popular humidifier nowadays. I am now using the humidifier is a colorful tinkling, I can share my experience with you.


Its principle is to use ultrasound to separate the water into ultra-micro particles and negative oxygen ions, and then blow them out, put it in the bedroom, I sleep feeling breathing air has become fresh, nose is not dry, after all, it is full of negative oxygen ions.


After using it for a while, I also found that it has the advantage of not irritating people's skin or nasal passages. After all, it has a bacteria removal system inside, before emitting water mist out, the bacteria in the water is extinguished, so clean breathing air is very clean and fresh, nasal cavity is also very comfortable.


Now I will always use the humidifier at night to sleep, the noise is very low, almost inaudible. After using it for a long time, I did not find any limescale, and I can also add some essential oils to help me sleep, so that the air smells better.

In short, if you choose a humidifier, you can try the ultrasonic humidifier is better.

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